Prep Shop Services - ArmsUp Motorsports offers full racecar preparation services for Formula Continental, Formula Atlantic and Vintage racecars.

Preparation Services Include:
  • Car Maintenance - ArmsUp Motorsports will ensure that each car it prepares is meticulously maintained so that every time your car is on the track it is in perfect working order.
  • Chassis Setup / Scaling - ArmsUp Motorsports will make sure that your racecar has the proper chassis setup for each track that you race at.
  • Complete Chassis Rebuild Services - ArmsUp Motorsports can do complete chassis refurbishing including frame up rebuilds. You can ensure that your car is like new for the upcoming race season or repaired from a large shunt.

  • Trackside Services - ArmsUp Motorsports provides professional level service at every race they attend.

    Track Services Include:
  • Support Crew - ArmsUp Motorsports has a staff of professionally trained mechanics that travel to each race to maintain and service the cars at the track.
  • Data Acquisition - ArmsUp Motorsports uses PI Data Acquisition systems in their cars. After every session each driver's data ara analyzed and used to help improve car and driver performance.
  • Chassis Engineering - ArmsUp Motorsports drivers will be able to confer with chassis engineers to obtain the quickest and most comfortable chassis setup throughout an event.
  • Driver Coaching - ArmsUp Motorsports has a team of top level driver coaches that can be utilized to maximize driver performance during the event.
  • Hospitality - Drivers and their invited guests can stay comfortable during events inside ArmsUp Motorsports hospitality area. Cooper Consulting, formerly with Newman/Haas Racing, has been contracted to ensure that the ArmsUp Motorsports hospitality area rivals top level professional race teams.
  • Damper Services - ArmsUp Motorsports in partnership with ArmsUp Damper Service can provide complete damper services.

    Damper Services Include:
  • Dyno Service and Rebuilds - ArmsUp Motorsports provides a complete damper service from dyno tests to rebuilds to optimize damper performance.
  • At Track Services - ArmsUp Motorsports provides complete at track service including dyno tests and rebuilds.
  • Damper setup consulting - ArmsUp Motorsports will assist customers in finding the optimal damper setting for each car and track.
  • Penske Shock Dealer - ArmsUp Damper Service is Penske shock dealer with a large inventory of parts for your Penske shocks.
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